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Bringing Up Betty is a podcast about the unique experiences that come with raising special needs kids. The podcast is a collection of narrative interviews with parents who are raising children with disabilities, developmental delays, diseases and other challenges.
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Nov 25, 2015

Dawn offers tips and information for parents of kids with feeding struggles, swallowing disorders and general pickiness.

Nov 12, 2015

Above and Beyond

It's so nice to have supportive people around me who feel like I'm doing something exceptional by being Betty's mom. But I'll let you in on a little secret: I don't feel exceptional. I feel like a regular mom who is doing what I need to for my daughter to have the best chance at a good, happy, fulfilling life. I feel like I'm doing what any other mom would do in my position. And often I feel like I'm not doing enough. Even though I feel like raising Betty is a great privilege for me and my husband, the day-to-day duties of caring for her are as routine to me as slapping together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for your typical kid is to you. That doesn't mean it's not hard, but it is something that is part of our life because it has to be.

A Super Big Mission

Today's mini episode features Robyn Rosenberger, a mom who is going far beyond her motherly obligations in an attempt to change the world. And I feel like she's doing a pretty incredible job. Robyn is the founder of TinySuperheroes - a tiny cape company with a super big mission. She sews and sells capes for kids and dogs and for each cape that is sold, one is donated to a child who is overcoming disability or illness. When I spoke with Robyn earlier this year, she had sent more than 6,000 capes to children who are overcoming. Her mission is to empower extraordinary kids who exemplify strength and determination, one cape at a time. To me, that is exceptional.

Join the Crusade

Hear Robyn's story - why she started making capes and what she's hoping to accomplish, in today's mini episode. If you'd like to participate in Robyn's cape crusade, please consider purchasing a cape for a special child in your life OR sponsor a cape for a child who is overcoming. You can also nominate a child who is overcoming to get on the waiting list for capes! Either way, a cape will be sent to a tiny superhero and I guarantee it will make their day.

TinySuperheroes website

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Watch this beautiful short film about TinySuperheroes

Nov 5, 2015

Episode #12

Courtney is the mom to Connor and Brenna. Brenna has a rare skin disorder called Harlequin Ichthyosis. Courtney shares her story of Brenna's birth, diagnosis, and the ins and outs of Brenna's condition. We chat about balancing special needs with regular needs, celebrating beauty and how to respectfully approach a stranger who is different. Because of Brenna's condition her skin appears red and dry - kind of like she has a really bad sunburn. She has to stay lathered in Aquaphor to keep her skin moist. Brenna's different appearance attracts a lot of attention.

After nearly four years of being Brenna's mom, Courtney has learned some valuable lessons about how to best approach those with differences. If you've ever wondered what to do when your young child loudly comments on someone who is different, this episode is for you!

Learn more about Harlequin Ichthyosis

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